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Signia Pure Charge&Go 3X Rechargeable Hearing Aids (iPhone Compatible)

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  • Charger Included

Signia Pure Charge&Go 3X Rechargeable Hearing Aids

You use ReMotion every day and take discussions with you everywhere you go. With the ground-breaking Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids from Signia, you can walk around at will and hear anything and anyone in your life. Anywhere you go.

Signia Pure Charge & Go 3x produce the sound that is perfectly suited to you by understanding your specific hearing environment in greater depth than ever before thanks to its ground-breaking acoustic-motion sensor technology.

Listen to all the pleasant sounds there are to hear with Signia Pure Charge and Go 3x.

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Completely linked and conveniently recharged

The Signia 3x Charge and Go hearing aids have a longer battery life and can be fully charged while you rest so they are constantly prepared to use when you are. Not again fret about replacing batteries with the hearing aids' handy compact charger. It provides ultra-durable hearing performance for the entire day.

In addition, the supercharging mode provides you with a sudden boost of energy to keep going at just the right time.

Further Pure Charge&Go 3X features include:

Using Bluetooth technology, you can stream TV, music, and phone conversations directly to your ears.

Newest Signia app

Your smartphone can serve as a controller for your hearing aids, allowing you to customize their settings. You can also maintain regular communication with your hearing healthcare provider through the Signia app for help while you're on the go.

Specifications of the Signia charge and Go 3x hearing aid amplifier

The Signia Pure Charge and Go 3x reviews feature augmentation functionality includes a wide variety of stimuli that the technology can access and amplify. The device's 24 sound processing streams aid in the clarification of sounds, particularly enhanced speech signals.

Simple Charge and Go Experience Bluetooth and hearing aid connectivity features

The typical technical level The Signia Pure Charge&Go 3X Bluetooth hearing aid uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with other devices like mobile phones, streaming accessories, sound transmitters, and other gadgets. Bluetooth phone conversations, audio signal transfer, and isolated functions, such as program and volume level modifications, are all supported by the gadget.

Now is your chance to use the best rechargeable hearing aids.


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Yes, the Signia Pure Charge&Go 3ax is Bluetooth-compatible.

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The Signia Pure Charge & Go 3AX Hearing Aid comes with 3 years of Warranty and Loss Insurance.

The Signia Pure Charge&Go ax hearing aids are available in 10 different colors. Starting from Deep Brown, Sandy Brown, Rose Gold, Beige, Black, Fine Gold, Graphite, Dark Champagne, Silver, and White.

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