10 Benefits of the Phonak Audéo Fit Hearing Aid

One thing everyone agrees on when purchasing hearing aids, it is very important to choose the right one based on your daily activities. Similarly, the selection of the perfect hearing aid should also fit its usage into your lifestyle without hindering your experiences. Phonak Audéo Fit hearing aids give life back to those who use them while helping Phonak establish itself as one of the market leaders. 

1. Sweat and Water Resistance

Hearing aids should not hinder a well-organized and active lifestyle. The Phonak Audéo Fit comes with a water and dust resistance feature, something that is perfect for anyone who enjoys personal activities or workouts. They are not waterproof but are rather sturdy to use during vigorous exercise or a simple walk in the rain. Ensure that they are washed and dried as necessary to enhance their operations after usage. 

2. Earwax Protection

Cerumon can also be disadvantageous because it hinders hearing aid devices including causing sounds to become distorted or have lower performance. Regarding accessories, Phonak Audéo Fit has an innovative earwax protection solution that prevents earwax from penetrating the internal parts of the hearing device. Replacing the earwax protector tells you when it is best to change the headphones, to get the right quality of sound and avoid some maintenance problems. 

3. Wireless Charging

Phonak Audéo Fit brings the advantage of wireless charging to assure you that you won’t need to use disposable batteries anymore. It also has an included charging case which will efficiently charge the hearing aids in the next three hours. It also provides a case and has an area designated to hold the drying capsule to control humidity. If you need to use the device for an even longer duration, you can add extra batteries to the charging case via the Power Pack accessory.

4. Smartphone Integration

Phonak has recently released an upgraded app called myPhonak designed for iPhone and Android users to enhance the hearing experience. This can be modified through this application to set preferences, simply change the volume level, and even switch from one mode to another. It also allows for answering calls, something that activates the phone’s voice assistant feature making it easier and convenient. 

5. Activity Tracking

As stated earlier, Phonak Audéo Fit has built-in health-focused features, including activity-tracking functionality. Monitor your steps, heart rate, and distance traveled accurately using the myPhonak app. In addition to assisting in achieving your fitness objectives, this capability offers informative feedback on your overall activity level. 

6. Crisp Sound Quality

Discover superior speech understanding with Phonak Audéo Fit through its AutoSense OS. These hearing aids check your surroundings every 0.4 seconds and adjust automatically to make sure the sound is just right, no matter where you are. Clear sound Whether you are loud or soft, watching a movie, or having a simple conversation, Phonak Audéo Fit provides clear sound. 

7. Multiple Connections

Experience the ease of connectivity with Phonak Audéo Fit through different connectivity solutions. The hearing aids can connect with up to 8 Bluetooth-compatible devices and switch between 2 active connections. With the Roger microphones, you have the option of fitting them into hearing aids for improved sound clarity in noisy surroundings or using the TV Connector to transmit sound from compatible TVs.

8. Comfort and Durability 

Phonak Audéo Fit connects stability with comfort to provide consumers with a reliable hearing solution that fits the consumer’s lifestyle. Designed for longevity of use, they are comfortable to wear by the user without necessarily having to be highly rigid. Thus, you can have peace of mind that your hearing aids are designed for regular use as well as different physical conditions. 

9. Tinnitus Relief 

Tinnitus relief is made possible through Phonak Audéo Fit’s in-built tinnitus relief measures. Customize the soundscape to manage these symptoms and maximize comfort by making use of the myPhonak app. These service options meet the client’s unique needs because they have unique solutions to tinnitus treatment based on your desires. 

10. Remote Support and Updates 

Take advantage of the remote support services that Phonak provides, so that the Audéo Fit hearing aids that you use are always adjusted and updated. The myPhonak app lets you update your software on your Phonak hearing aids, so you can get the newest features, easy, without having to go to a hearing care professional. 


Phonak Audéo Fit hearing aids are not just a hearing solution They open up the world of improved living. The latest technologies like Sweartproof, wireless charging, integration with smartphones, and the highest sound quality show that Phonak Audéo Fit could be a satisfactory choice for people who want to get all the possibilities of hearing aids. Now you can easily listen to the noise on the urban road, or the silence of the forest without discomfort, thanks to Phonak Audéo Fit. 

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