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We're passionate about helping people rediscover the joy of clear hearing. Our team of caring professionals believes everyone deserves a better listening experience. We offer a wide range of top-rated hearing aids from brands like Phonak, Widex, Signia, Starkey, and more. This variety ensures you find a hearing aid that perfectly suits your needs and budget.

But our commitment goes beyond selection. We provide comprehensive hearing care, including:

  1. Expert guidance: We'll help you choose the right hearing aid for your unique hearing loss.
  2. Programming and fitting: Our specialists ensure your hearing aid delivers optimal performance.
  3. Ongoing support: We offer convenient cleaning services, handle warranties, and provide new parts as needed.

Experience the difference exceptional hearing care can make. Contact us today to book your consultation!

Try us to Trust us!!

We offer Remote Programming Services, feel free to call us for more information. - Alternatively, you can take your hearing aids in for service at any local clinic, our hearing aids are not locked and do not require any special tools other than the manufacturer's software and link which are standard equipment for hearing aid practitioners.

Yes! We ship worldwide: International shipping fees may apply.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee and 100% Full Refund if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

You can send your hearing test to us by email: (, Fax: 407-214-7261 or by using our Submit Hearing Test form.

There are multiple lenders available to finance your hearing aids purchase and still take advantage of our discounted pricing and 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Call us for more information.

Our process includes processing, programming and quality control for a typical turn-around time of 5-7 business days.

Contact us directly and we will handle the entire process for you at no cost. This service is included with your purchase.

Absolutely not! Our prices are exactly what you see on our website. Programming, shipping and fitting are all included in the price and there are never any hidden fees. Buying your hearing aids online should be easy and straightforward.

In today's technologically advanced world, new hearing aids require very little tuning and tweaking after being properly programmed to your hearing test. Cleaning and maintaining your hearing aids is as easy as opening a can of soup.

No problem, we are available by phone Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm Eastern. You can call us at 407-214-7261 - After hours you may contact us by email, fax or contact form click here

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Call us at: (888)-575-4718