Phonak Hearing Aid: Empowering Employees with Hearing Challenges

We are in the industry of improving hearing health for all those who are facing issues. Our best efforts go into providing hearing care consultation to find the Best Hearing Aid suitable for one’s requirements. We mostly don’t realize how vital a role hearing has in our personal as well as professional lives unless we come across the severity and consequences of it. With good clear hearing, you can effectively communicate at your workplace and it improves your overall performance.

But is it the situation that people with more or less hearing loss will face hindrances on the professional front of their lives? Well, it does. Studies suggest a correlation between hearing loss and unemployment. A 2015 study published in the Journal of Otology and Neurotology found that adults with hearing loss were 1.98 times more likely to be unemployed or underemployed compared to those with normal hearing. The same study also found that individuals with hearing loss were 1.58 times more likely to have lower wages.

Difficulty communicating during job interviews due to hearing loss can be a significant barrier to getting hired. Untreated hearing loss can make individuals appear less confident or engaged. Missing important information or struggling to participate in meetings can make it harder to get promoted.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a powerful tool for individuals with hearing loss in the workplace. This landmark law guarantees equal opportunities and ensures reasonable accommodations to help employees thrive.

One such accommodation is access to assistive listening devices like Roger technology. Roger can significantly improve sound clarity in noisy environments, allowing employees with hearing loss to better understand conversations and participate fully in meetings.

Phonak Hearing Aid facilitates access to solutions like Roger Technology. It is intelligent wireless technology that transmits clear & crisp speech directly from hearing aids to cochlear implants vanishing the barrier of distance and removing noise around. It creates an ecosystem of inclusivity at the workplace helping people with hearing loss to learn, work, and socialize more easily.

Here are some solutions to address the impact of hearing loss on professional life:

  • Get a Hearing Test: Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial. Consulting an audiologist can determine the type and severity of hearing loss and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Hearing Aids: Modern hearing aids are discreet and highly effective in improving hearing and communication.
  • Assistive Technologies: Workplaces can offer assistive technologies like amplified phones, captioning systems, and real-time transcription to enhance communication.
  • Awareness: Employers can educate staff about hearing loss and its impact.
  • Accommodation: Provide reasonable accommodations like allowing extra time during meetings or offering materials in different formats (e.g., transcripts, captions).
  • Assistive Technology: Invest in basic assistive technologies like amplified phones or closed-captioning equipment for conference rooms.
  • Communication Strategies: Encourage clear communication practices like facing the person while speaking, minimizing background noise, and allowing extra time for responses.

By combining individual action, employer support, and broader community efforts, we can significantly reduce the negative impact of hearing loss on people's professional lives. Together, employees, hearing care providers, and employers can create a more inclusive work environment.


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