Signia Styletto 7AX - Pair iPhone Compatible Per Unit(Rechargeable, Bluetooth, and Discreet - Charger Included!)

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Signia Styletto 7AX Hearing Aid

Experience a new era of wearability

Styletto AX transforms the outdated image of hearing aids into highly sophisticated hearwear™. Pure in design, sophisticated in form, its graceful lines, refined fit and true-to-life hearing experience mean you feel the difference as soon as you slip it on.

The Signia Styletto AX hearing aid is the latest and greatest technology Signia has to offer in their award-winning design. The AX line is the smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aid full of features, including a platform with two independent processors for greater speech clarity. When you buy Signia Pure Charge & Go 7 AX online, you will no longer have to strain to hear the important sounds over background noise.

The Key Benefits of Signia Styletto AX

People prefer to buy Signia hearing aids over others because of the incredible listening experiences they provide. With the revolutionary Augmented Focus technology, users can easily follow conversations, no matter what’s happening around them.

If you decide to buy Signia Styletto AX online, you could enjoy the following benefits:

  • Remote Adjustment: Through the advancements in hearing aid and smartphone technology, we have the ability to adjust Signia Styletto AX hearing aids remotely.
  • Hands-Free Phone Calls: When you buy the Signia Styletto AX online, you can answer your smartphone directly through your hearing aids. This feature is great to have while driving, working, or taking care of your kids.
  • All Day Listening: The Signia Styletto AX, available for sale online, provides up to 24 hours of use (including 5 hours of streaming) on a single charge, making it the perfect option for busy people and those who enjoy streaming TV audio, music, and phone calls through Bluetooth.

How Augmented Xperience Hearing Aids Work

Traditional hearing aids filter all sounds through a single processor. The issue with this is that all the signals through the one processor compete against each other. Signia solved the problem with their Augmented Xperience hearing aids.

The Augmented Xperience platform has two dedicated processors to optimize sound and speech. The processors are designed to perform their duties without compromising the other. One processor focuses on relevant parts of speech in a conversation, while the second minimizes environmental sounds to help with awareness.

When you buy the Signia Styletto AX online, you can experience the outstanding benefits of the Augmented Xperience technology yourself.


Wireless charger with everything you need!

On the go charging

The pocket-sized portable charging case is the world’s first hearing aid charger with Qi wireless technology, enabling you to simply place the charger on a charging pad instead of having to plug it into the mains. Wherever you’re going, Styletto AX goes with you. And goes and goes – its charging case delivers an astounding 3 days* of user autonomy without the need to charge the case.

Buy Signia Styletto AX Hearing Aids Online for a Great Price

Engaging in conversations or listening to nature, your favorite band, or your grandchild’s recital can be challenging when there’s too much background noise. Luckily, the Signia Styletto AX hearing aids make it easy to filter through all the unnecessary sounds so you can enjoy perfect sound clarity.

Buy Signia Styletto AX online from Discount Daily Hearing today to listen with ease. You can also shop for the Signia Pure Charge and Go 7AX if that fits your lifestyle better. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have about the difference between hearing aids.

Signia Assistant
Your very own hearing companion

Your hearing is personal – from your favorite sounds to your individual needs in each acoustic situation. The new Signia Assistant is your very own hearing companion to help you stay fully involved in life and hear what matters to you.

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