Signia Silk 7X CIC (Practically invisible) Hearing Aids - Pair

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Signia Silk 7X hearing aids are cozy, covert, and reliable. You hardly even know that you are using aids because they are almost unnoticeable. You won't mess up the aids thanks to the clever color scheme—blue for left and red for right—ensuring the proper level of listening for each ear.

Silk 7x earbuds have a remarkable level of strength in their hearing capabilities considering their small size. Features of Silk Silk hearing aids provide great directionality because they are made to mimic the natural binaural listening experience. Signia Silk x hearing aid accomplishes this with the help of its OneMic function, which improves hearing so you can concentrate on particular sounds in your environment while blocking out unwanted background noise. A more streamlined listening experience is provided through wireless broadcasting features, peripherals, and smartphone settings.


  • Ultra HD e2e for superior speech understanding and a most natural sound
  • Click Sleeves for a quick and easy fit
  • Even smaller than its predecessor
  • Invisible and discreet
  • Binaural OneMic directionality

Customized Without Having to Wait

To guarantee a degree of relaxation and snug placement in your ear that was before only possible with custom-built enclosures, Silk X is equipped with highly flexible soft-silicone touch Sleeves that only click onto the hearing aids.

Signia Silk 7X hearing aids are ideally situated for entertainment and phone calls

The microphones in Silk 7x earbuds take up sound from inside the ear canal, versus hearing aids that are worn behind the ear. With over-ear headphones included, you can make phone calls and listen to music the way you are used to.

Pristine Audio in Every Circumstance

Anywhere there is a high degree of background noise, such as a crowded street, an open-plan office, or a noisy restaurant, having a conversation demands focus and effort. Silk X skillfully handles such difficulties with the Signia Xperience's realistic audio. Thus, you hear what is important to you. In any circumstance, all day long.

There are minute differences between Signia Silk 5x vs 7x. You can check out Signia Silk 5X hearing aids on Buy Hearing Aid.

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Yes, the Silk 7x earbuds are Bluetooth-compatible.

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The Signia Silk x hearing aid comes with 3 years of Warranty and Loss Insurance.

The Signia Silk 7X hearing aids are available in 2 different colors. The colors include Black and Mocha.

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