Signia Styletto 3X Hearing Aids (Pair) - Rechargeable, Slim, iPhone Compatible (Free Pocket Charger)

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Say Hello to Signia Styletto Hearing Aids

The first SLIM-RIC in the world now combines an award-winning design*, cutting-edge hearing, and liberating on-the-go streaming.

The hearing aid with the triple threat is Signia Styletto 3X Hearing Aids Connect. It provides:

  • A distinct and fashionable form aspect that 8 out of 10 individuals favor.
  • Complete connectivity for calls, TV, music, and other services
  • Mobile charging for up to 4 days of use without connectors or wires

Styletto 3x hearing aid offers complete connectivity

Signia Styletto 3x earbuds changes the perception of hearing aids from being basic medical devices to becoming fashionable headwear. You can draw in customers who wouldn't normally wear hearing aids - thanks to its exceptional design. Styletto will boost your customer base by addressing all of their needs when combined with Bluetooth connectivity and famous Signia X technology with Own Voice Processing (OVP) for ultimate wearer acceptance.

Signia Styletto 3X Hearing Aids changes the perception of conventional Hearing Aids

Use the distinctive, exquisitely crafted Styletto to draw in both current and potential customers. The first SLIM-RIC hearing aids in the world blend style and cutting-edge sound technology, driven by Signia X.

It is offered in the 7, 5, and 3 performance levels.

Very Stylish

Black / Silver, Black / Black Gold, Cosmic Blue / Rose Gold, Snow White / Rose Gold, and Snow White / White Gold are the three modern color pairings that are offered in Signia Styletto 3x earbuds.

People who wear Styletto benefit from a whole day of use made possible by special lithium-ion batteries and on-the-go charging with our ultra-slim portable charging station.

This gives users an amazing four days* of cord- and plug-free independence, making it ideal for a relaxed mini vacation or a crucial work This gives users an amazing four days* of cord- and plug-free independence, making it ideal for a relaxed mini vacation or crucial work trip.

Applaud life with the stunning device

Stunning Sound Quality

Wearers of Styletto appreciate every speech with full fidelity in the most natural sound quality, including their voice, whether it's a private conversation or a discussion with a group of close friends. All thanks to the ground-breaking Own Voice Processing (OVPTM) feature of the Signia X platform.

Made for Discerning Voices

The good company deserves to be heard. Styletto lets wearers unwind, helping them understand their conversation partner with ease even in noisy environments such as busy restaurants. The improved cordless binaural decoding of the energy-efficient Signia X chip is what enables this finest voice recognition in noise.

Supermodel Acoustics

Styletto's incredibly clear sound enables wearers to encounter a true-to-life hearing encounter in all scenarios, whether they're enjoying the sound of live music or hearing their dear ones as originally intended. Even in noisy surroundings, our high dynamic spectrum with a phenomenal 113 dB maximum input ensures superb audio reliability.

Eradicates Interruptions

By blocking out all interruptions, including tinnitus, Styletto improves the quality of life. It provides three alternative tinnitus prevention methods. Tinnitus therapy using dynamic noise and ocean waves masks the upsetting tinnitus noises with specially calibrated therapy signals. For a genuinely tranquil session, the third built-in option, Notch Therapy, treats tone tinnitus barely audible and unobtrusively.

Everything is Under Control

Busy way of life? Environment changes? People wearing can feel confident that Styletto fits their lifestyle, whether they are on a conference call or giving a presentation to coworkers.

It is simple to adapt to every circumstance thanks to discrete remote control choices provided by the touchControl AppTM and the miniPocketTM.

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Yes, the Signia Styletto 3x earbuds are Bluetooth-compatible.

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The Styletto Signia hearing aids come with 3 years of Warranty and Loss Insurance

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